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“The Deserter said that his name was Charles-Frédéric Brun.

It’s good to say his name to someone who inspires trust: to have a name is a proof of existence. Charles-Frédéric Brun, Frenchman.”


Le Déserteur © Gallimard

S. Caspar. S. Melchior. S. Balthasar.
The three Kings of the Magi travelling to worship the infant Jesus, born in Bethlehem.
At Basse-Nendaz, 19 November, 1852. C.F.B.
26 x 41,5 cm. © Robert Hofer, Sion

 Note the symmetry and repetition of a stereotypical model, and a compass rose for each Magi.

En patois, é Trey Rey, the Three Kings of the Magi, correspond to the astral pattern of Orion’s belt, its position indicating the time to workers in the fields.

 Just like the Three Kings of the Magi, and just like the Deserter, we are all travelling along a path, and we are all asking ourselves core questions. Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?

If you met the Deserter on this pathway, what would you say to him?

Sentier Déserteur